The Italian company Cividac is a leader manufacturer of industrial equipment: industrial columns, heat exchangers for industrial thermoregulation, separators, pressure vessels for fluid and gas substances, and much more. Cividac provides a wide range of services, including personalized design and production.

Our Italian company has been providing various equipment since 1983, acquiring a solid reputation in the world market. Its production of highly accurate and secure equipment made Cividac one of the key suppliers in Italy and introduced the company as a reliable business partner on international markets.

Cividac is very popular as a qualified supplier of industrial columns. This type of equipment needs an exact and elaborated design and an accurate production, in order to realize the different processes, like rectification, absorption, fractionating and stripping. This is why this production sector is still developing and not many manufacturers are dealing with this product type.

Cividac produces different parts for installations used in many important industry sectors, such as petrochemical, oil-and-gas, refining, chemical, heat-and-power engineering and heat supply.

As an industrial manufacturer, Cividac provides high precision and secure equipment that is widely used in hazardous industrial fields, for example in refining explosive or acid gases and liquids.

The mission of our company is to provide effective solutions for your business; here is why Cividac continues to introduce the cutting-edge technologies in industrial equipment production, maintaining the high quality and reliability of Italian manufacturer.