S&T heat exchangers

Great variety of heat exchanger manufacturers In Italy encouraged Cividac to improve its production applying new technologies in production processes and extending product portfolio. These days Cividac produces a wide range of heat-exchange equipment, supplying petrochemical, chemical and refinery sectors. Its main production includes shell-and-tube and double-pipe exchangers, special heat-exchange equipment for heat-and-power engineering and energy supply.

Main advantages of Italian heat exchanger production company is high level of quality control and consolidated support of internal and international clients, like importing and installation of high dimension heat exchanger equipment with all inclusive post production services.

Another important step was the presentation to international market as a leading Italian heat exchanger supplier. This enquired “raising the bar” of quality and service to perfection, achieving popularity on international market. Nowadays heat exchangers of Italian production are installed on the best industrial manufactures, and many of them are made by Cividac.