Turboden: 35 Years of Projects for a Cleaner Planet

Issues such as global warming, climate changes, sustainable energy production are becoming more urgent, not only for governments, but for the civil society as well, and the solution to these problems includes using technology for the environment.

With this respect, Turboden's contribution is now recognised worldwide. For more than 30 years, Turboden (located in Brescia, North of Italy) has designed and installed ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) plants for a greener use of energy through heat recovery.

We are quite passionate about the whole ORC process as we think it will have a strategic role for a sustainable development. We had several opportunities to collaborate with Turboden with the supply of heat exchangers, and we launched the Energia che crea energia (Energy Creating Energy) project for EXPO Veneto.

A success that started 35 years ago

Mario Gala, a professor of Energetics at the Politecnico University in Milan, who started to study ORC during the Sixties, founded Turboden in 1980.

In 2009, the 51% of the company shares was acquired by UTC United Technologies. At the same time, another company of the UTC group, Pratt & Whitney Power Systems (PWPS), formed a partnership with Turboden to foster its expansion towards extra-European markets.

In 2013, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) took over UTC, and Turboden is now part of the Japanese conglomerate.

A worldwide presence

After thirty-five years in business, there are almost 250 active Turboden plants all over the world, and 60 more under construction. Most of them are for biomasses plants.

Cividac's collaboration with Turboden started in 2004 with the supply of several heat exchanger for biomasses plants (mostly for sawmills) and still goes on today, with several completed projects, like a district heating plant in Belarus and a biomasses cogenerating plant in Canada.