The Petrol Station of the Future and Other Interesting News From the World of Energy

Good-bye old petrol station

The immediate future will bring us self-driving cars, powered by a wide range of alternative fuels. In a such an evolving scenario, the petrol station as we know it could not remain the same.

This interesting article gives a clear idea of what the petrol station to come will look like. First of all, it will be a place that will "attract customers even when they don’t need to refuel."


Is geothermal energy truly renewable? It depends

After being exploited too little in the past, geothermal energy is becoming one of the most important alternative energy sources. However, to make it truly renewable, it's necessary to reinject it back to its original underground well. This will prevent it from ending up in the oceans, raising their levels even further.

 Compared to that of melting glaciers, the contribution of underground waters is marginal, but still significant, as demonstrated by a recent research.


When wind and sun get together...

We are so used to expecting lower and lower emissions from state-of-the-art car engines, to lose sight of the environmental impact of the factories that produce them.

BMW took a significant step ahead to solve this issue: in three years they will open a production plant in Mexico for the Series 3 model, fully powered by solar and wind energy.