The Most Interesting News From the World of Renewable Energies

Energy from air, and air from energy

What to do when there is more wind power than necessary. Throwing it away would be a waste, and with current technology it's not possible to store it in huge quantities.

An alternative solution is being studied under Swiss Alps: the surplus of energy will be transformed into air again, which will then be compressed, stored underground and used when necessary. The system also includes the recovery of the heat generated by air compression.

A huge battery made of air


Geothermal energy "fished" directly underground

Research is making huge progress in the field of geothermal energy too. A few weeks ago, a power plant was inaugurated, which will produce energy by taking hot water from the underground, removing the heat and replacing water back. The process goes by the name of Enhanced Geothermal System (we already described it in a previous article), and will allow to exploit geothermal energy even where there are no porous rocks.


The present future of solar energy

Solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse 2 has just completed the circumnavigation of the earth, generating high hopes for the future of this type of renewable energy.

As this BBC article explains, although it's too soon to imagine solar power commercial flights, there are other interesting developments ahead. Like drones for example, of small hybrid electric and solar powered planes.

Where next for solar-powered flight?