Sulfur: a fundamental compound in nature to be removed from crude oil

Sulfur is a compound with many industrial applications, which is also essential for all living beings, as it's present in the amino acids of many proteins.

In the refining process of crude oil however, it's definitely an unwanted presence and needs to be removed for two reasons.

First because the sulfur dioxide resulting from fuel emissions reacts with oxygen and water vapor, becoming sulfuric acid and causing acid rains.

Furthermore, even in very small quantities, sulfur can degrade the noble metals in the catalytic reforming process, which is used to improve octanes in petrol.

How desulfurization works

In the desulfurization process of crude oil, the fraction to be purified is mixed with hydrogen and sent to a catalyst.

The by-products of the process are pure sulfur and sulfuric acid, which form the vast majority of worldwide production. There are several industrial applications: from fertilizers to explosives, from matches to laxatives.

Cividac's components can be applied in different parts of the desulfurization process: