Introducing melamine: a common yet little-known compound

Cividac operates in the chemical sector in many ways: one of them is the supply of components to produce an organic compound called melamine.

Melamine is mostly unknown to those who are not familiar with the chemical industry, yet it can be found in many everyday objects, thanks to its versatility.

Here are some of the most common uses.

- When combined with formaldehyde as a resin, it's used to produce tableware (mostly for camping).

- It’s used to laminate flooring and dry erase boards

- Melamine foam can be found in thermal and acoustic insulation materials.

- It’s used as cement additive to reduce porosity and make it more resistant.

- When melamine burns, it releases hydrogen, which is a fire retardant. That’s why it’s added to paints, plastic and paper to reduce flammability.

- It's a component in the production of pesticides.

- Melamine’s widespread use in the chemical sector is due to its stability and versatility, and to the fact that, when combined with different compounds it creates materials with great resistance.