Introducing Cividac's New LED Lighting

From January 2017, the lighting of our workshop will be 100% powered by eighty LED lamps, which will provide a more powerful light with half the energy consumption, allowing us to save about 25,000 kWh a year.

Why is all that newsworthy? Because, only ten years ago, none of that would have happened.

LED lamps were invented at the beginning of the 60s and nowadays are applied to a wide range of everyday uses (such as homes, or car lighting), because they consume a lot less energy and disperse less as heat (traditional lightbulbs waste up to 90% of energy as heat, while in fluorescent bulbs the percentage is not significantly lower).

From a kitchen to an industrial workshop however, it's not a short step. Each saving needs to be matched against the necessary investment, and ten years ago it would have been simply too high. By contrast, the current cost of state-of-the-art LED technology will give a return on the investment in six-seven years.

Technologies often get to a stage where they are technically already possible, but still too costly to be commercially viable. LED lighting is moving past this phase, and now it's perfectly possible to cut lighting expenses in half even in a large company like ours.