Good News From May: Italy's Leadership in Renewable Energies

Each month from Cividac, the most important news from the petrochemical and renewable energy sectors.

Italy is top of the class in solar power...

Italy is the country in the world with the highest percentage of population getting energy from solar power. It was the result of a report by Legambiente, also mentioned in The Guardian).

In the same report, we can find out that thirty-nine municipalities in Italy are now getting 100% of their energy from renewable sources. And even though most of these cities and towns are in the Trentino Alto Adige region, the results are very promising for the rest of the country.

...and in heat recovery

Congratulations to Turboden for the silver medal at the European Geothermal Innovation Award for innovation in the geothermic sector.

This recognition to the Brescia-based company came thanks to their innovations in the field of ORC technology. Since Turboden is one of our most important clients, we feel part of this achievement too.

The golden medal went to another Italian company, Exergy from Varese, confirming how Italian talent can put together scientific precision and creative innovation.

A new software to predict the performance of geothermic wells

The Institute for Renewable Energies of the National Autonomous University of Mexico developed a new software that can simulate with higher precision the potential of geothermic wells, allowing companies to save time and money in the initial phases. Excellent news for a sector that is already growing at a very high rate.