Electric Trucks and Solar Airports: The Most Interesting News of the Month

In Sweden, trolleybuses become trucks and run on the motorway.

The advancements of technology don't always require completely new inventions: sometimes it's just about taking what is already known, updated it with state-of-the-art technology and apply it to a new context.

It's what Siemens engineers did in Sweden, creating the concept for an electric motorway that uses a system of suspended cables, just like the one used by urban trolleybuses.

The system will be used by specifically designed hybrid road trucks, which will also generate extra power to be sent back to the electric grid.

After solar-powered airplanes, now it's time for airports

One of the wildest dreams of airport managers is probably to get rid once and for all of the electric bill. The manager of Cochin airport in India can effectively say he made that dream come true: since last August, the airport is completely powered by solar panels.

The surface of the solar plant (45 acres) is quite large, and so is the initial investment of $9.3 million, although the forecast is to recover it completely in six years.

Progress of solar energy continues in Australia

In the meantime, photovoltaic solar energy sees a brand new breakthrough. A team of Australian researchers discovered a way to make solar power more efficient by 30%, and took it very close to its full potential.