Cividac’s pressure vessels and PSA adsorption systems

The sectors where we operate, like petrochemical or environmental, often use PSA systems (Pressure Swing Adsorption), which apply the adsorption process.

Unalike absorption, adsorption is used to separate certain types of gas or liquids whenever they are mixed with other substances. In other words, the PSA process is used to purify a gas or air, or to synthetize certain substances.

The process takes place inside a pressure vessel where – in order for it to be successful - the mix must get in contact with a specific adsorbent at a given pressure.

Examples of applications of PSA systems

Adsorption is used in different sectors. For example, in the treatment of biogases, zeolite (a microporous mineral) is used as an adsorbent, to separate carbon dioxide and increase the methane content, thus making biogas suitable for energy production.

In the healthcare sector, adsorption is used to separate nitrogen from oxygen to produce oxygen-rich air for patients with breathing problems. Similarly, nitrogen-rich air is created for flame-retardant equipment.

In the petrochemical sector, PSA technology is used to synthetize hydrogen (for example for these two pressure vessels that we produced for Linde, for the plants in Vicksburg o Fort McMurray), or to purify water that will be re-used in the production cycle.