Cividac’s experience and Linde AG, a leader in the gas sector

Linde AG is a leading company in the gas sector, with which we had the opportunity to complete several projects. It was founded by scientist and engineer Carl von Linde in 1879, and today its business core is the production and distribution of gas.

Following the several interests of its founder, the company started by operating in different sectors, such as air separation, gas liquefaction, production of refrigerators, diesel engines and tractors.

Over the course of time however, Linde AG pursued a different strategy, increasingly focusing on the gas market, where it is present today in two branches: supply of industrial gas, and construction of large plants, for the production of both industrial and natural gas.

In the gas sector worldwide, today Linde AG has the highest revenue and the highest market share, and it is listed on both German and Swiss Stock Exchanges.

For many of its projects Linde chose Cividac for the supply of pressure vessels. The result is a fruitful collaboration of which we give a few examples below:

  • PSA unit, part of the Ergon plant for fuel production in Vicksburg in the United States.
  • PSA unit, part of the Canadian Natural plant, for the extraction of oil sands in Fort McMurray in Alberta (Canada).
  • Component for the ENI refinery in Taranto (Italy).