Energy Creating Energy: Cividac’s Educational Project for EXPO Veneto

Cividac has launched a project to educate secondary school students on how energy is produced from food waste.

The occasion for the initiative was our participation to EXPO Veneto, a committee formed by Regione Veneto and other representatives of the civil society. Its purpose is to coordinate and promote a series of events collateral to EXPO Milan 2015.

Our project is composed of three parts:

  • A mini-site ( with a series of learning activities, ranging from an introduction to the concept of energy, to how ORC in a biomass power plant works.
  • A workshop with a group of actors, whichtakes place at participating schools, and adds expressivity and interactivity to the topics of the online activities.
  • Guided visits to our plant, to show firsthand how the main components of the energy recovery process - the turbine and the heat exchanger - are made.

We wanted to dedicate the event to young students because we believe that a complete nutritional education should go beyond the food we put on our plate, and also explain the best ways to reutilize it once it has become waste. We believe that the strength of this project lies in its collaborative form that combines Cividac’s know-how with student’s curricula.