Cividac's Heat Exchangers in the Food Industry

The principle of thermal exchange was one of the first ones to be used by mankind. Its necessity came from the fact that heat (or lack thereof) is often not found in the appropriate form, substance or place, and has to be transferred where it is needed.

Examples in History of usage of heat exchange can be found in distillation, water heating in Roman Thermae, and of course the preparation of food.

With the Industrial Revolution, the range of applications of heat exchange increased dramatically. Exchangers therefore had to be constantly improved, to make the process faster, safer and more efficient.

Nowadays not only are heat exchangers fundamental in any industrial cycle, but also in everyday life. Examples of common uses are:

  • heating and cooling (milk sterilization or food storage);
  • energy recovery (heating systems of cars, or ORC industrial systems);
  • transformation of energy from one form to another (furnaces where steam is used produced to generate power from a turbine)

Heat exchangers can be divided in two categories according to their operating principle:

  • Direct contact heat exchangers, where the two systems are in direct contact (for example, cooling water by spraying it in the air)
  • Indirect contact heat exchangers where is no direct contact (for example a boiler where water and flames are separated by a metallic surface)

Indirect contact exchangers are the most common, as they avoid contamination of the two systems, thus making the process more effective. They can be further categorized in:

  • double pipe heat exchangers;
  • shell-and-tube heat exchangers;
  • spiral heat exchangers;
  • plate heat exchangers.

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers are the most common, as they can be used in different situations and with different products. Especially in the food industry, they are commonly used for devices like boilers, evaporators, and condensers.

Thanks to its vast experience with companies like Cirio, Barilla, Bertagni, Colombani, Doria, Govoni, Kelemata, Ferrero, Perugina, Oleificio Carli, Maschio, STL e Zeus, Cividac is a trusted partner for the production shell-and-tube heat exchangers for the food industry.