Ammonia Production and Cividac's Scrubbers

The term "scrubber" usually indicates those components used to purify gas and air. The first was designed in the 19th century for a pioneering type if submarine, called Ictineo I.

Scrubbers have evolved a lot since then: initially, their process was liquid-based, then a new dry one was developed.

Their presence in the chemical and petrochemical sectors is quite strong, considering that a good part of the refining process consists of separating complex compounds into simpler ones.

The ammonia, CO2, urea and melamine cycle

A specific case are melamine plants. Melamine is not very known by laypeople, but almost ubiquitous (we introduced it in a previous article).

Melamine is synthetized directly from urea, and ammonia and CO2 are two by-products. In order to make its production more efficient, these two compounds are reintroduced in the urea production cycle.

This type of recovery technology is for example used in Eurotecnica’s melamine plants, for which we produced different components for plants in different parts of the world.